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Although Fuller published his discovery of the geometrical basis for all of nature’s designs over 30 years ago, “modern” science & society still does not seem to be aware of this monumental achievement!
All of the physical universe is made out of ENERGY either radiant or tied up in knots called atoms.
Energy can not stand still; energy is always in motion; therefore, energy is always moving in some DIRECTION.
The motion of energy is measured by so many units of distance per units of TIME.
The idea of time is inherent in the concept of motion. Motion and time only exist together.
No energy, no motion; no motion, no time; no time, no energy. It’s all or nothing.
All 3 only exist together. They are the holy trinity of the physical universe.

So, energy has shape, but WHAT shape?
A given amount of ENERGY traveling in some DIRECTION for a certain amount of TIME is called a “vector”.

By experimentation it can be demonstrated that the ONLY self-stabilizing combination of vectors is the triangle.

So nature is building everything out of triangles, but WHAT?

For some thing to be called “matter” it must have an inside and an outside, otherwise it is called “radiation”.

Anything with an inside and an outside is called a “system”.

By experimentation it can be demonstrated that the tetrahedron is the minimum shape or structure that energy can take.

The minimum “thing” or system in the universe has to be a tetrahedron.

Anything less is not a system and does not have the properties of a system.

Systems can be made out of triangles, but how many?
By experimentation it can be demonstrated that only 3 basic systems can be constructed out of equilateral triangles: tetrahedra, octahedra, & icosahedra.

Therefore, all of nature must be built up from some combination or multiple of only those three basic systems!

Synergetics is the geometry of energy.



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