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Robert Vamosi: Gadgets degrade our common sense

Interview: Author of When Gadgets Betray Us discusses our dangerous love affair with tech…

By Shelley Portet, 5 May 2011 12:34
Robert Vamosi: The dangers of our love affair with gadgets

Robert Vamosi argues that instead of thinking for ourselves we just accept whatever our gadgets tell usPhoto: Nancy Warner

In a world where gadgets are growing more sophisticated, human behaviour is changing – and not in a good way.

That is what Robert Vamosi, author of When Gadgets Betray Us argues in his book, which examines the dangers of our growing dependence on technology.

As gadgets develop the ability to multitask seemingly endless functions, Vamosi argues that people are increasingly unable to think for themselves.

“Instead of lifting our heads, looking around and thinking for ourselves,” Vamosi writes, some of us no longer see the world as human beings have for thousands of years and simply accept whatever our gadgets show us.



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