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The Reach of Resonance- A Meditation on the Meaning of Music, Starts Nov.28th

“Who would have thought of this theme, which flows in a natural way across such diversity? A deep, profound pre-cognitive stream that goes unrecognized. These aren’t eccentrics but people acting on something that most can’t.” Gary Lynch, Neuroscientist and Author of “Big Brain: The Origins and
Future of Human Intelligence”

Miya Masaoka uses music to interact with plants and insects; Jon Rose turns fences into musical instruments with a violin bow in conflict zones ranging from the Australian outback to Israel; John Luther Adams translates geophysical phenomena in Alaska into music; and Bob Ostertag explores socio-political issues through processes as diverse as transcribing riots into string quartets, and creating live cinema with garbage. By contrasting the creative paths of these artists, and a connection between them by the world renowned Kronos Quartet, the film explores music not as a form of entertainment, career, or even self-expression, but as a tool to develop more deeply meaningful relationships with people and the complexities of the world they live in.

“The Reach Of Resonance” will screen at Simon Frasier University’s Woodward’s Theater in Vancouver, Canada on November 28th, 30th, and December 2nd.

This is a teaser regarding some of John Luther Adams work translating the geophysical phenomena of Alaska into music, as explored in the feature documentary “The Reach Of Resonance”
The Reach of Resonance

John Luther Adams – A Sonic Geography Of Alaska from Candela Films on Vimeo.

In 1991, Bob Ostertag transcribed his recording of a gay rights riot into a notated score for performance by Kronos Quartet, titled: “All The Rage.” A full sequence about Ostertag’s composition of this piece, and Kronos Quartet’s performance of the riot as music, is part of Steve Elkins’s feature documentary “The Reach Of Resonance.”
This clip contains part of the interview Elkins conducted with Koskovich in San Francisco in February 2010, in an effort to document the history of the riot, and the events that sparked it.

Bob Ostertag / Kronos Quartet: A History of “All The Rage” from Candela Films on Vimeo.


Special Bonus footage from the film Reach of Resonance

Jon Rose: An Aural Map Of Australia from Candela Films on Vimeo.

A chainsaw orchestra, a singing dog, an aboriginal women’s choir, a woman who makes music from DOT Matrix printers, and a man who screams into (and chews on) amplified glass are just some of the musical innovators Jon Rose met on both sides of the 40,000 kilometers of fences he turned into musical instruments throughout Australia.



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